The Paraphrasatian: an incarnation of Pliv

About Pliv / Paraphrasatian

What’s Pliv?

Pliv is a site where I put some stuff I draw. Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's lame. People comment on the diversity of style, so that's a thing to keep, I suppose.

Both Pliv and the subtitle are, quite obviously, nonsense words. In order to create them, I took a notepad, scribbled some words, recombined and changed some letters, and ended up with two visually and pronuncially pleasing words. I appreciate how various software applications today (Ubuntu; Firefox) are given a fresh, silly working title with each new version, so I intend to do the same for Pliv.

And you are?

Picture of me

There is little background information that, I think, is actually of interest to you, but here’s that little bit anyway: I am a 29 year old guy from the Netherlands with a passion for pixels, code, music, very large books and fountain pens that work properly. I believe that reading and sitting in public transportation is a match made in heaven, and that portable players are the death of music, despite the raw quantities of pure SlickTM most of them radiate.

Above you’ll find something that under room temperature may sometimes look a little bit like me.

Contacting me is easily done via this email form. Alternatively, you might remember that my email address is wil AT